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Ministries and Committees at All Saints Parish

Serving begins with Faith

All Saints Parish is, first of all, a spiritual center. We exist to help people connect to God and to their neighbor. We express this connection at worship, when we are joined with the risen Christ and offer praise and thanksgiving for our life in God. Nourished by the Holy Eucharist, we put our faith into action. "Father, send us out to do the work you have given us to do, to love and serve you as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord" – (Book of Common Prayer, page 366).

We express our faith by serving others and building up the human family. Listed below are the ministries and committees at All Saints Parish, which are organized around the parish's three major objectives expressed in its Five Year Plan: Spirituality, Sharing, and Stewardship. If you are interested in serving in any of these committees or ministries, please let us know by contacting our office at 617-738-1810 or



Worship. Worship of God is central to the life of our parish. All Saints offers three beautiful worship services each week: Saturday at 5:00 pm, Sunday at 10:30 am, and Wednesday at 6:15 pm. Each service has its own distinctive tone and emphasis:

  • The Celtic Holy Eucharist Saturdays at 5:00 pm embodies Celtic ceremonial and musical traditions such as the lighting of the three lights, a Celtic-inspired statement of faith, and a sung blessing at the end of the service. The service draws on new liturgical music and texts based in the Celtic tradition, material from the Iona Community, and other sources. We welcome all to this innovative and beautiful service. Celtic Liturgical Coordinator: Kim Hardy.
  • The Sunday 10:30 am service is a traditional Eucharist with classical Anglican hymns and stirring anthems sung by the All Saints Choir. The Choir is led by Donald Teeters, Music Director, who also is the distinguished conductor of the Boston Cecilia Chorus, and Associate Music Director Keith Glavash. The All Saints Schola Youth Choir, under the direction of Emily Howe, frequently sings at this service. This service also includes Prayers for Healing with the Laying on of Hands.
  • The Wednesday 6:15 pm Taizé Holy Eucharist is a meditative service with a candlelight atmosphere, the hauntingly beautiful chants composed by the monks in Taizé, France, and prayers in contemporary language. The service is designed to provide a "spiritual refreshment hour" in the midst of hectic modern life.

Worship Commission. Chair: The Rector. The Worship Commission is an advisory body composed of coordinators of the various worship-related ministries. Commission members strive to provide liturgies that nurture each of us on our spiritual journey.

Ministers of Ceremonies (MCs) and Chalicers. Scheduler of MCs, Chalicers and Ministers of Healing: Bonnie Randall. Chalicers are men and women appointed and trained by the Rector who assist in the distribution of Holy Communion in the Holy Eucharist. Ministers of Ceremonies coordinate the worship services and assist with the training of chalicers and acolytes.

Acolytes. Acolyte Mother and Scheduler: Meg Bridge. The Acolytes are younger members of our parish, grades 3 and above, who assist at services to enhance the celebration of worship.

Ministers of Healing. Contact person: AnneMarie Ellis. Lay Ministers of Healing continue the ancient Christian practice of "prayers for healing with the laying on of hands" during the 10:30 am worship service. They are approved and trained by the Rector and meet every other week to pray for the sick of the parish.

Lectors and Intercessors. Coordinator: Marianne Evett. Lectors read the Lessons and Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People at the celebration of worship.

Ushers. Scheduler of ushers: Susan Cleaver. Ushers provide for the orderly welcome and seating of the congregation. They distribute worship leaflets before the services, take up the offering, organize the offertory procession, monitor sound and light, guide the flow of those going to communion, secure the church after the service, and provide other useful help for the congregation at worship. The ushers welcome the congregation before the service and provide information for newcomers following the services.

Altar Guild. Coordinator: Elinor Horner. The Altar Guild is devoted to seeing that all the requirements for the services are ordered, set up, and maintained. The jobs include polishing the silver vessels for communion, cleaning and maintaining linens, setting up for all the services, and providing the special extras for holidays and feast day celebrations. Two teams rotate these duties on a monthly basis. A subcommittee of the Guild provides and arranges flowers for all services and occasions.

Flower Subcommittee and Book of Remembrance. Coordinator of volunteer flower arrangers: Diane Powell. Scheduler of donations for flower: Doreen Vittori. Memorial flowers grace the church from the middle of September to the middle of June and on the feast days of Easter, All Saints, and Christmas. Parishioners are encouraged to donate flowers in memory of loved ones and in honor of special events such as graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays.

The Nursery. Coordinators: Eileen Sweeney. Children from (approximately) ages 15 months through preschool are cared for by experienced, screened sitters during Sunday morning worship services and other parish events. It is a space for these ages to safely explore and play. However, we do not have equipment and staff to accommodate infants.

All Saints Choir. The choir sings at Sunday morning and holy day services from September to June, and occasionally in Choral Evensongs. The All Saints choir's reputation for excellence received national acknowledgment when they were asked to sing a full choral evensong for the biannual national convention of the American Guild of Organists. An open and welcoming group, the choir is always happy to receive new volunteers who have had previous choral experience. Please check the Music section on this website for details.

The Church School and Youth Ministry. All Saints offers a balanced Christian education program that includes study of the Bible and the sacraments, Christian living in the world today, and putting our faith in action through works of justice. Church School (Christian education) for ages pre-school through high school meets on Sundays at 10:15 a.m., and then joins the liturgy in the sanctuary at "the Peace." Children are offered quality education, meaningful experiences in the exploration of spiritual practices, and of course many opportunities for fun! The program reinforces the values of inclusive community and leadership. Volunteers help with a wide range of activities, including teaching classes, mentoring, and providing refreshments. Please check the Children's, Youth & Family Ministries section on this website for details.

Schola. Schola is All Saints remarkable children's choir founded in 1981 in response to the decline in music in the public schools. It has since developed into the finest church-based children's choir in the Boston area, known for its high standards of repertoire and performance. It is open to anyone from pre-school through high school with unchanged (treble) voice. Rehearsals are Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Please check the Schola section on this website for details.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV). Lay Eucharistic Ministers receive special training from the Diocese and are authorized to bring the sacrament of Holy Communion to the sick and shut-ins, under the guidance and direction of the Rector.

Lay Pastoral Visitors (LPV). Lay Pastoral Visitors visit the sick and housebound, under the guidance and direction of the Rector.

Adult Education. Chairperson: Marianne Evett. All Saints Parish fosters the spiritual development of parishioners through programs to strengthen religious awareness, such as courses, speakers, Bible Study, Explorations and Journeys in Faith, Meditation Group, Women's Book Group, and Men's Group.

Explorations and Journeys. Coordinator: The Rector. "Explorations in Faith" is a basic course on Christian faith that covers topics such belief in Christ, the Bible, sacraments, prayer, ministry, stewardship, and Christian action. "Journeys in Faith" is offered February-March for those who wish to be baptized, confirmed, received into the Episcopal Church, or reaffirm their faith. Journeys culminates in the sacred liturgies of Holy Week and Easter.

Awareness Meditation Group. Coordinators: Lisa Parker and the Rector. The group meets to support participants in their practice of meditation developed by Anthony deMello, S.J., in Sadhana: A Way to God, Christian Exercises in Eastern Form.

Beacon Street Fellowship. The Fellowship is an opportunity for men and women in their 20's and 30's to come together and grow through community. Please check the Beacon Street Fellowship section on this website for details.

Koinonia Groups. Koinonia (koy-no-nee-a) is a Greek word that describes the "fellowship" of the early Christian community. Koinonia groups provide support in our spiritual journey and connect us with others with similar values:

  • Women's Book Group meets on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am to discuss books of interest. Coordinator: Sharon Siwiec.
  • Men's Group meets on Saturday mornings 8:00-9:15 am to discuss books of interest. Coordinators: Peter Stringham and The Rector.
  • Transitional Spiritual Support Group for the Unemployed and Underemployed meets on the first Tuesday of the month, 7:00-8:30 pm for those who are seeking a job or going through career transitions. Coordinator: The Rector.

Social Hour. Coordinator: Barbara MacDonald. Refreshments are served after the main service each Sunday as a means of building community at All Saints. New volunteers are needed to help with this practical expression of sharing and service. This is a wonderful ministry of hospitality and a great opportunity to meet other parishioners.

Collations Following Memorial Services. Coordinator: Peter Stringham. Grieving family and friends are offered hospitality and refreshments by parishioners following memorial services.

Seminarian's Reflection Committee. A committee of parishioners meets monthly with the seminarian to reflect on the students' learning goals.

Discernment Committees. The Vestry establishes discernment committees for aspirants for Holy Orders. After an organizational meeting with a member of the Diocesan Commission on Ministry, the discernment committees meet with the applicants monthly and submit reports to the Vestry.

Parish Library. Librarians: Jane Gillette and Sylvia Scharf. The Parish Library is a resource for parishioners who wish to continue their education in matters of faith and spirituality. The current fine collection derives from generous donations of parishioners.

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Welcoming Coordinator: Wendy Samuel. Greets newcomers before and after worship services and facilitates their entry into parish life.

Welcome/Evangelism Committee. Co-Chairs: Susan Cleaver and Kathleen O'Connor. The Committee organizes information packets, delivery of bread, potluck suppers, and other events to welcome newcomers to the parish.

Life@AllSaints. Life@All Saints is a quarterly information session for newcomers to ask questions about parish life, talk with others new to the parish, and discover how one's faith can be strengthened in the All Saints Parish family.

Website. Websexton/web designer: June Santosa. The All Saints website contains spiritual resources, pubications, and other important information about the parish.

This Week At All Saints. This Week is the weekend publication inserted in the worship leaflet. It contains notices of current events, educational opportunities, and parish activities. Please submit your news items or notices by Monday at 12 noon to

Saints Alive! Editor: David Killian; Assistant Editor: Morgan Howard. Saints Alive! is published quarterly. Articles and notices about parish ministries, committees, and activities are most welcome. Please ive your news suggestions to the editors.

Communications Committee. Chair: Sue LeClaire. The Committee serves as an umbrella group of the communications vehicles of the parish such as newsletter, website, brochures, flyers, bulletin boards, posters, and displays. The Committee seeks to improve, enhance, and coordinate the various ways that the parish communicates the vitality of parish life and mission.

Spirituality and Justice Award. Coordinator: The Rector. The award is given to persons whose notable commitment to justice for all of God's people is grounded in a deep spiritual life. As we honor these distinguished persons we draw strength from their example. They inspire us to renew our commitment to justice as an essential expression of our spirituality and faith. A cash gift is given to the organization designated by the recipient. Persons may be nominated from all faith traditions. Nominees should be persons who have significantly contributed to the furtherance of justice and whose work has been informed by their own deep spirituality. Nominees should be submitted to the Rector who presents the selection for approval by the Vestry.

Mission and Outreach Committee. Chairperson: Erica Topolski. The Mission and Outreach Committee coordinates opportunities for parishioners to serve those outside the parish. Committee activities include the B-SAFE tutoring program at St. Stephen's Parish in the South End, Learn@Lenox tutoring program at St. Augustine and St. Martin's Church in Roxbury, mission trips to Honduras and Tanzania, Habitat for Humanity, start-Up baskets for individuals and families leaving shelters, dinners for the homeless, Brookline Food Bank, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries (CMM), Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light (MIPL), Massachusetts Bible Society (MBS), prison ministry, Walk for Hunger, anti-racism education, clothes for the poor, and Christmas presents for children and families in homeless shelters. Please check the Mission and Outreach section on this website for details.

Caring Ministry Team. Coordinators: Peter and Jean Stringham. Compassionate care for others is the foundation of our call to follow Christ's example. The Caring Ministry Team works with the pastoral staff to provide help to parishioners who are experiencing trying times or life transitions. When possible, they offer help with meals, rides to church, errands and home visits. Parishioners may also receive flowers after church and cards. If you would like to be involved in this team effort, please contact Peter or Jean Stringham at 617-734-8115 or by email at Please check the Pastoral Care section on this website for details.

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Stewardship Committee. Co-Chairs: Jeff Thibault and Wendy Wheeler. The Stewardship Committee provides education on the theology and practice of stewardship through sermons, brochures, workshops, and parish forums. The Committee seeks to increase awareness of the abundance we enjoy as a gift from God and how we can make a joyful response to this gift by returning a portion to God. The Committee fosters participatory as well as financial stewardship — the practice of giving Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Property Committee. Vestry Liaison: Susan Wheeler and Charles Rigg. Ensuring that the property can support the many missions of All Saints is the special ministry of the Property Committee. The Committee oversees regular maintenance and major capital projects. New members are welcome.

All Saints Heritage Society. Coordinators: Laura Vennard and Maija Gray. The Heritage Society is composed of people who have committed themselves to remember All Saints Parish in their wills. There are no dues or meetings or documents to submit. Members meet annually for fellowship and to strengthen their bonds to the parish.

Garden Committee. Coordinators: Nancy Snudden and Elizabeth Podobinski. The Garden Committee tends the perennial gardens of the parish. Volunteers mow the lawns and trim the hedges and shrubs on the parish grounds.

Budget Committee. The Committee, consisting of the Wardens, Treasurer, and Clerk, prepares a financial budget for the parish for the Vestry, which gives final approval of the budget. Where appropriate, the Committee submits budget alternatives to help the Vestry determine priorities.

Audit Committee. Chair: Larry Coe. The Committee supervises a group of parishioners to conduct an audit of the financial records; policies; practices for collecting, recording, counting, and depositing donations; authorization of disbursements; tax and insurance payments, etc. The Committee presents this audit report to the Vestry for approval.

Investment Committee. Chair: Hugh Dunlap. The Investment Committee reviews the performance of the endowment managed by the Diocesan Investment Trust (DIT) and advises the Vestry on the proper allocation of funds in our portfolio. The Committee estimates income to be earned by the endowment as part of the budgeting process each year. Meetings are held monthly or as needed.

Memorial Fund. Chair: Larry Coe. The Memorial Fund Advisory Committee discusses the merits of proposals and makes recommendations to the Vestry and Treasurer of All Saints Parish regarding the distribution of monies in the Memorial Fund.

Fundraising. Fundraising events support the ministry and mission of All Saints Parish. New ideas, energy and members are welcome in the effort to raise extra revenue while engaging parishioners in enjoyable, worthwhile activities.

Archives. Coordinator: Daphne Zhao. The historical records, artifacts, and memorabilia of all Saints Parish are preserved in the Archives Room. Volunteers are sought to assist in cataloguing, filing, and arranging these records for exhibition and a new history of the parish.

Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is elected at the Annual Meeting for the purpose of presenting candidates for offices of the parish, vestry, delegates and alternates, and the next year's Nominating Committee. Parishioners are asked to give suggestions for vestry members and delegates to the Committee.

Personnel Advisory Committee. Chair: Susan Wheeler. The Personnel Committee reviews job descriptions, contracts, and policies regarding staff and makes recommendations for Vestry and/or Rector approval.

Parish Office. Office Manager: Peggy Maguire; Bookkeeper: John Plonowski; Sexton: Renato Dantas. The Parish Office serves as a center for communication and information for programs, activities, and ministries of the parish. The Office, coordinated by the Office Manager, maintains a mailing list of parishioners and distributes the Sunday worship leaflet, This Week, and informative flyers and brochures. The Bookkeeper records financial contributions and program expenses and sends a report of pledge donations to parishioners each quarter. The Sexton provides regular maintenance of the sanctuary, offices and meeting areas of the parish. The Evening Office Manager supervises Security receptionists who welcome over 500 non-parishioners that use the building each week.

Vestry. Executive Officers: Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Clerk. The Vestry constitutes the Standing Committee of the parish and exercises governance in accordance with the Bylaws of the parish, the discipline of the Episcopal Church and the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the duty of the Vestry to manage the secular and financial affairs of the parish and care for its property; to supervise and direct the officers in the discharge of their duties; to have an audit performed of the accounts of the Treasurer and of every other custodian of parish funds by a certified or independent public accountant appointed by the Vestry; and to appoint or authorize the appointment of such committees and organizations as it deems necessary to conduct the business of the parish. Vestry members count the financial offerings on Sundays and holy days.


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