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All Saints Parish and the Environment

Green Ideas for Lent

In this season when many of us seek to undertake a personal discipline that will bring us closer to God, here are some suggested acts of environmental stewardship you may want to consider:

  1. Join the 2011 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast. The New England Conferences of the UCC (United Church of Christ) have created a web- based program to help individuals and congregations fast from carbon during Lent. If you respond to the invitation on their website, you will receive a daily email starting on Ash Wednesday, with a suggested carbon-reducing activity. Even if you're not able to perform all of the recommendations, serious consideration of the impact of our daily activities makes us aware of our connection to the environment and allows us to see what changes we can make. Register at the following website:
  2. Volunteer for the "Spring Canvass Day" in Brookline to spread the word about programs to reduce energy use and increase efficiency. The group Climate Change Action Brookline (CCAB) is seeking volunteers to participate in a Sunday afternoon door-to-door canvassing event to promote signups for free home energy audits and electricity through wind. The canvass will take place on one of these days: March 27, April 3 or April 10, depending on when the most volunteers can be mustered. Training and canvassing will last from 2-5 pm, followed by a wrap-up party. If you are interested in participating, contact Roberta Schnoor
  3. Join an All Saints Parish Eco-Team. Last spring, 2 All Saints eco-teams met to discuss ways to reduce household carbon emissions and energy costs. Using the curriculum "A Low-Carbon Diet," these 11 households between them lost over 40,000 pounds of carbon in a month! If you are interested in joining or coordinating an All Saints Parish eco-team this spring, please contact Maija Gray,


Environmental Stewardship

All Saints Parish has a long tradition of recognizing that Stewardship ... is everything you do after you say, I Believe! As a parish we focus on stewardship in October, considering how we wish to responsibly deal with Time, Talent and Treasure. As believers we come together every week to affirm – before God and each other – that we indeed will be good stewards of that which God has given us to care for. We are reminded of that at the end of the service as we are sent forth "to love and serve the Lord!" There is no limit to that call, as indeed there is no limit to God's love and grace.

All Saints Parish also has a long tradition of responsible environmental stewardship efforts. This was recognized in 2003 by EPA in its award of the Energy Star Congregation of the Year. EPA's award recognized many actions by All Saints Parish. In 1999 the heating system was converted from steam to hot water, using the highest efficiency boilers. Gas use was reduced by 27%, with costs down by $17,000. If that same steam system had been in place in 2009, All Saints Parish would have paid over $52,000 in gas bills instead of the $27,000 actually paid. In 2008 the domestic hot water tank failed and flooded. It was replaced with an on-demand DHW system. (You can see the On-Demand DHW system over the sink in the kitchen.) Gas use for DHW dropped by 40%! Throughout the building CFL light bulbs are used where possible (at only 25% the electricity use of incandescent), dimmers are in place (including in the Sanctuary), and motion sensors are used (including for the soda machine) to limit electricity use. Our wood fence is "green", though of course the color is brown because it is wood. See how you can do the same.





These are the sorts of everyday practical stewardship actions that we do as a parish for our house of worship. Each of us as Christians can do the same for every "house" we inhabit. The good part about environmental stewardship is that Green Grows 2 Ways, one of which you take to the bank! All Saints Parish has learned that, and benefitted from it. You can too!

Check out the various information about All Saints Parish's environmental stewardship below. And you can visit the web site of Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light which has lots of useful information for use at your home, school, place of work, every place that you inhabit.

And please, as you live your life in Christ, implement these practical stewardship actions Everywhere, Everyday.

If We Don't, Who Will?


All Saints Parish's Environmental Stewardship Statistics:

All Saints Parish practices stewardship of earth's reasources by undertaking a comprehensive effort to increase energy efficiency of the parish's facility. This includes new heat generation, new distribution, new controls, and improved lighting. Click here to read the full report.

EPA award for All Saints

In 2003, All Saints Parish won "the 2003 Energy Star® for Small Business Award", presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).



Click here for a Boston Globe article on All Saints Parish's environmental stewardship efforts: "For some, green is next godliness," by Rich Barlow (November 30, 2002).

What I Learned in Jail. Sermon by the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas at All Saints Parish, Brookline, May 20, 2001, the Sixth Sunday of Easter.

Wood Fence for All Saints Parish. Parishioners Michael Field and Russell Foxworthy replaced an old fence on the parish's grounds with a new one, and doing it the green way. Read their report and the lessons it teaches on materials, transportation, durability and waste management – all key factors in environmental stewardship.

Why Green Electricity? Find out the importance of "clean" electricity.

Utility Use Cost. This brief provides guidance and tips on how to monitor how much energy and what types you are using, an important first step in your stewardship planning.

Showering. Hot water is a significant energy consumer. This brief provides tips and estimates savings from reducing water used in showering


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